Magnolia Town has wonderful qualities. 

This is a page of appreciation of some of them.

Click on any image to enlarge and see it properly.

Welcome to Magnolia! And we mean it!

085_0909_WelcomeSign_1.jpg (104879 bytes)

Where else can you find a street that is actually mowed? 

002_0909_PetersonPicket_1.jpg (216768 bytes)

006_0909_TownEntry_2.jpg (117656 bytes)

A calm front yard

022_0909_TreatmentStGdn_1.jpg (224067 bytes)

Oh, for the days when banks were like this.

058_0909_BankOfMagnolia_2.jpg (186113 bytes) 

076_0909_FlowerHouse_1.jpg (178507 bytes)

This is a flower house; when heating was inexpensive, flowers were grown here

077_0909_FlowerTerrace_2.jpg (213255 bytes)

Under the shade of the tall magnolia tree.

Is your front porch like this?

088_0909_FlowerTerrace_2.jpg (177721 bytes)

This porch is more austere.

089_0909_NoFlowerTerrace_1.jpg (209904 bytes) 

0908_MagChurch_1.jpg (226406 bytes)

The biggest church in town

0908_MagMayorsHouse_1.jpg (162646 bytes)

They say the mayor used to live here

The Auditorium

0908_MagnoliaAuditorium_1.jpg (132678 bytes)

This used to be a girls school. It was moved 500 yards with horses and rolled on logs. 

 0908_MagStevesHouse_3.jpg (107207 bytes)

098_0909_Gazebo_1.jpg (179878 bytes)

If people here take tea in the afternoon, this would be the place!

097_0909_TerraceOld_1.jpg (174010 bytes)

Another charming front porch

This tall dead pine will not last very long

099_0909_TallDeadTree_1.jpg (136971 bytes)

The owner probably plans to get around to cleaning up sometime. Please don't - it is lovely just the way it is. 

102_0909_GreatBackyard_1.jpg (195844 bytes) 

103_0909_SweetPinkHome_1.jpg (212973 bytes)

Honey, please paint it pink. And he did.

120_0909_BackYardHut_1.jpg (155424 bytes)


Try this in New Jersey and see what happens.

121_0909_CartingAround_1.jpg (205714 bytes)

This house was brought in by rail from South Carolina. 

122_0909_LuiseCroomeHouse_1.jpg (175111 bytes) 

And a Railway runs through it

109_0909_Railway_3.jpg (222124 bytes)

From the middle of town, the railway goes NORTH, seemingly forever.

110_0909_Railway_4.jpg (226204 bytes)

Here it goes SOUTH to the Caribbean

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